I offer you individual therapy with focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

During the first sessions we would talk about if therapy might be suitable for you and which kind of therapy might be best suited for your circumstances and your needs. You will get to know me and my way of working. Since a good relationship between therapist and client is imperative, we will then decide together if a therapy with me is the best way forward.

In the beginning of the therapy we will try to understand the roots of your current problems. The cognitive behavioral therapy assumes that earlier life experiences influence how people think and act later in life. These patterns are very often useful and helpful at the time but if there are more difficult or traumatic experiences, they can be unhelpful strategies to solve your problems. Mental illness can be the result.

Together we will look for strategies to improve your well-being. I also think it is important to practice these strategies with different methods in your daily life in order to improve your health more in the longer term. As a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist I am familiar with different methods and we will discuss together which one might best suit you.

In my opinion, the skills and individual solutions you have gained already should be strengthened and refined.

Please contact me and we can arrange a meeting.